Laboratories are a seed ground where students get to explore, question,invent and deduce findings and learn in a collaborative way. Keeping in mind the famous Chinese proverb "I hear - I forget ; I see -- I remember ; I do -- I understand", the school boasts of separate lab facilities for Senior School and Middle School for all the Science subjects viz Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab have fully equipped teaching stations at the front of the room. They can see instructional demonstrations before they conduct experiments themselves. Each Lab has a spacious work area and at a time 40 students can be involved in experimentation. All the labs are equipped with computers. Trained Lab assistants help in the maintenance of Labs.


There are two Chemistry labs to cater to the Senior school and Middle School. Both the labs are well-lit , well equipped and can accommodate 20-25 students. The children can conduct practicals individually. The Class XII students also conduct investigatory projects apart from the usual testing and analysis.In the junior lab there are provisions to demonstrate a lot of experiments. Many charts and models are displayed and used as teaching aids. Both the labs are managed by qualified lab assistants who help the students to perform experiments safely.


There are two well-equipped Physics laboratories which can cater to 25 students each of the Senior and Middle school respectively. There is a provision for all the children to conduct their experiments individually. Many working models are displayed for different experiments. Each laboratory has a qualified lab assistant. All safety measures are taken care of. Routine stock-taking is done to ensure that the labs are in perfect order.


The Biology labs are well- structured, well-lit and well-equipped. There is no dearth of material and children are encouraged to explore the mysteries and understand difficult concepts of the subject through experimentation. The children are also taken outdoors to study the flora and fauna. The school garden is an ecology lab by itself. The gardeners supply the lab with live materials like plants and insects. All kinds of rooting, grafting, germination procedures and chromatography are also executed in the Biology labs.


There are two air-conditioned Computer labs with 80 systems. All the computers are configured with the latest operating systems. The labs are LAN connected to facilitate internet use as and when required. The labs are managed by four computer teachers. Children from classes III-XII use the labs. Children who have a flair for computers and are keen to learn more are encouraged to use the systems during the recess and Class Teacher periods.


Even though the psychology lab is more of a learning centre for senior students who opt for psychology, this room is also a counseling centre for the students. The Psychology teacher is the counselor and she is always available to the students. The activities conducted in the Laboratory are invigorating and enhance a deep passion and understanding of the subject.


The Maths Lab is well ventilated, spacious with all modern training equipment. There is ample space for display and the elevated round tables further assist in conducting experiments.Students are made to understand difficult concepts by carrying out activities that verify, discover and reinforce concepts already learnt.There are many puzzles and games that make learning fun. They verify Geometrical theorems using Tangram and verify Euler's formula by using Jodo sticks and creating 3-D figures. There are activities like Rangometry where students create beautiful designs using triangles, squares, pentagons etc. thus making learning meaningful and multisensorial.Children are encouraged to hone their mental arithmetic through quizzes and enrichment activities. All these activities boost the confidence level of the students and develop a positive approach towards learning Mathematics thereby enabling them to develop 'out of the box' thinking as well as to relate Mathematics to their day-to-day life.
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