Imparting Education

The teachers lead the students through the portals of knowledge. A great deal of stress is laid on academic excellence and every year the results of the Class X and Class XII CBSE examination are outstanding. Our students get admission in the premier professional colleges and Universities of India as well in International Universities of repute. The teacher’s responsibility lies in nurturing intrinsic motivation in each child.

In the class room instead of merely chalk and talk teaching, the teacher builds concepts towards an overall idea.

The teacher also restructures the knowledge by challenging the students’ current ideas.

Thus through a process of intrinsic motivation the students learn through talk, critical discussion, examination of evidence and argumentation The students are motivated to excel in their examination and are trained specially to score outstanding grades in the CBSE examination. In the remedial and extra classes they get special attention to improve their performance and are encouraged to discover their weak points.

They explore the various facets of concepts by working in the laboratories.

Collecting information, making innovative models and working on projects helps them to have a deeper and clearer understanding of concepts. This also motivates them to expand their horizons and set out on an unending quest for knowledge and most importantly to enjoy the process of education.

Class room teaching is augmented by digital technological tools.The digital modules consisting of 2D and 3D animations, graphics ensures faster and accurate understanding of abstract and difficult concepts and hence improves the academic performance of students.

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